The International Association of Trichologists is the leading trusted source for global Trichology information and has been a Trichology category pioneer for over 40 years. The IAT continues to provide unmatched knowledge-based training, presently training students in over 30 countries. Our 2017 conferences in Singapore and Brazil were both huge successes; delegates traveled from all over the world to enjoy the lectures and camaraderie. 


The theme of this year’s event is


The exchange of theories, new discoveries, evolving medical advances, among Trichology practitioners and researchers, leads to improved hair loss and scalp care, and substantial patient outcomes. We continue to see the growing influence of Trichology reach beyond individuals, organizations, industries, countries, regions and the influence Trichologists have today is broader than in any other time in history. Our 2018 conference offers unparalleled access to important medical innovations, exceptional academic instruction, and published research data for Trichologists, Cosmetologists, Beauty Professionals, Hair Replacement Specialists, Hair Loss Professionals, Physicians, Nurses, Cancer Prosthesis Specialists, Hair Restoration Specialists, and Medical Professionals.

Our speakers for the 2018 conference in Washington D.C. are: