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Replenology is the only certified environmentally responsible, natural and vegan nutrient replenishment system for thinning hair, scientifically formulated to address more than 21 known causes of hair loss, without the unwanted side effects from drugs or painful surgeries. Replenology restores the missing essential nutrients that naturally deplete with age and environmental influence, which you need for healthy hair growth. Our 4 part system truly goes to the source of your hair loss and gives you the best opportunity to overcome the challenge of your thinning hair. Replenology’s dietary supplement, topical follicle nutriment, shampoo and conditioner work synergistically to ensure that the causes of hair loss are being addressed both internally and externally.

At Replenology, we understand the emotional toll that hair loss can cause both men and women at any age. It can affect our life at home, at work, and in every way we interact socially with friends and family.  We also understand the frustration you feel when products promise to solve the problem but end up letting you down, which is why we created Replenology. 

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STR provides a complete line of skin and hair examination cameras, skin sensors and examination software that will dramatically change the way you and your clients understand their skin and hair conditions.  With STR products you can provide more in-depth analysis for your clients and create a better understanding of their skin and hair conditions, thus increasing your sales.  Your clients are sure to be impressed and motivated by the dramatic and detailed views of the hair and scalp that will illustrate their condition and encourage them to use the products and services you offer.  STR has been serving skin and hair care specialist since 1999 with a diverse selection of microscope cameras, sensors, and software including the popular Dlite Zoom Microscope Camera, the ProScope Microscope Camera, and CompareView Hair software.
o    Educate & Motivate your clients
o    Increase Sales of Products and/or Services
o    Document Improvements with “before and after” exams and pictures
Bill Hoffman has a BA and MA in science.  In 1998 he started School and Science Technology Resources (STR), specializing in hand-held microscope cameras and other imaging and sensing devices used in industry, medical, beauty, and education.  In 2005, STR expanded into international hair and skin care technology product sales, providing thousands of devices in over 60 countries for skin and examinations and analysis.  STR continues to acquire and develop new technologies to assist hair and skin care professional in examining and diagnosing skin, hair, and scalp conditions.