was launched at the World Trichology Conference in Washington D.C. on June 25th-26th. In the book, 57 Trichologists and Trichology students from 24 countries tell their stories - and there are some amazing stories. This book is inspirational and a wonderful promotion for Trichology and Trichologists. Many of the contributors in the book, from several countries, attended this year's conference.

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The more I learned about trichology, the more it all came together. I began traveling to every show, conference and seminar which included trichology. I remember thinking, “trichology would allow me to use my expertise and bridge the gap”. Becoming a trichologist has been the best career decision I ever made. The position has been totally rewarding. Every hurdle and road block served as stepping stones to guide me to my gift. The phrase that continues to resonate with me is, ‘never despise the day of small
— Lavon Morrow, USA
It is essential to have solid and professional growth in trichology, and to continue studying after obtaining the IAT certification. You can count on the support and helpful advice of IAT. My humble suggestion is always be yourself, sincere with your profession, ethical in each of your activities and, above all, you must remember that we work for the good of those who trust in us and for those who, when they know us well enough, will trust in us.
— Miguel Cisterna, Argentina

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It is a small community, the trichology profession. The openness and sharing of information from other trichologists has been so wonderful. As a student, support of family and friends and their belief of what I was doing was so appreciated and helpful. There are so many people who should see a trichologist, so doing talks and giving a bit of free time to spread the word is what has worked for me. Having patience and genuine empathy is so important and that is something really put across by IAT and the course, and read, read, read. Never stop learning. The moral of the story is that a lot of what we trichologists do is reassurance and, in order to reassure, you have to be knowledgeable.
— Andrea Clark, China
Being a member of the IAT has served me well and has kept me up-to-date and educated on all things to do with hair and scalp over the years. Throughout my association with the IAT, I have met and networked with trichologists from all over the world, providing me with an invaluable collection of knowledge, experience and associates with whom I can share and discuss all things trichology. The IAT has also provided the opportunity to travel to various places around the world such as Sao Paulo - Brazil, Mumbai - India, Singapore, Malaysia, Adelaide, Sydney and Hobart - Australia, Washington DC- USA and Auckland - New Zealand. It is interesting to note that although we are all human, there are different needs, wants and expectations in regards to hair and scalp in each country and culture. In trichology, you will never stop learning and of course there are always advances in scientific research, studies and trials from which we continue to learn.
— Megan Yabsley, Australia