The International Association of Trichologists (IAT) is a non-profit corporation founded in California in 1974 to promote the study, research and legitimate practice in all aspects of the treatment and care of the human hair and scalp in health and disease. IAT was founded with the principal purpose of developing an educational course which would supply the necessary training to becoming a qualified Trichologist.

IAT has been training students for over 40 years. The Trichology course was developed at the University of Southern California during 1974-75 under the guidance of Trichologist David Salinger. The course was designed as a home-study (correspondence) course, and additionally, clinical training must be undertaken under the supervision of an IAT-approved Trichologist. Students can presently undertake clinical training in Australia, Brazil, the U.S.A., England, Argentina, India and Kenya. Online lectures are also included. Medical doctors can undertake a shorter version of the Trichology course.

Initially the Trichology course was taught throughout North America, but in 1979 government colleges in Australia and New Zealand contacted the IAT about introducing the Trichology course. Teachers were trained and colleges in these countries began teaching the course in 1981. Since that time, IAT has trained students in several other countries including India, Singapore, China, South Africa, South Korea, U.K., Malaysia, Vietnam, Latvia, Nigeria, Kenya, Botswana, Brazil, Chile, Mauritius, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Japan, Israel, Russia, Sweden, Argentina, Mongolia, Bangladesh, Mexico, Germany and the West Indies.

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